Posted by: nancyisanders | February 16, 2011

Book Party: Readers Theatre for African American History

Readers Theatre for African American History
by Jeff and Nancy I. Sanders
by Libraries Unlimited

What’s a celebration without a party?

That’s why we’re having a book party to celebrate Black History Month. Right here. Right now. Starting today and lasting for nearly a week.

And the book we’re celebrating is a book near and dear to my heart: Readers Theatre for African American History.

To kick off our party, I invite you to hop on over to visit the site for Inspiring Books and Products for Kids. It’s my first official stop!

Join me each day over the next few days and help me celebrate! We’ll be visiting a different, fun site each day. We’ll be talking a lot about my book. And along the way, we’ll be learning a lot about African American history, which is a great way to experience Black History Month. But why stop with just one month? Let’s kick off another year for celebrating amazing achievements, exciting events, and outstanding individuals who make a difference in our lives.

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