Posted by: nancyisanders | February 18, 2011

Book Party: Readers Theatre for African American History

Readers Theatre for African American History
by Jeff and Nancy I. Sanders
Published by Libraries Unlimited

Welcome to my book party! This week we’re celebrating my book, Readers Theatre for African American History.

Today Nicole Weaver is helping me celebrate by hosting me on her great site where you can learn more about different cultures French, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. Today she’s helping me celebrate my book party, so click on the link for her website Melange of Culture’s Blog and stop on over and say “Hi!”

There will be lots of tips, especially for educators on Nicole’s site. So if you’re a teacher, librarian, or homeschooling parent, check it out!

And to celebrate Black History Month in your own home or classroom, here is a mini-book that you can download as a pdf file and make. Print out enough copies for each of the kids in your life to make one, so they can learn more about the men and women who helped found our nation. The mini-book is based on my book, America’s Black Founders.

To fold and cut this mini-book, download this pdf file, print it out,
and follow the steps below:

America’s Black Founders Mini-book

Step 1: Place the paper face-down on the table. Fold the paper in half like a hotdog so you’re looking at the pictures.

Step 2: Open it up and place the paper face-down on the table again. Fold it in half like a hamburger so you’re looking at the pictures.

Step 3: Bring the folded edge over to make another fold.

Step 4: Then open up again like the hamburger in Step 2.

Step 5: Use scissors to cut along the dotted line.

Step 6: Open the paper up flat and place it face-up so you’re looking at the pictures. There will be a hole in the middle.

Step 7: Find the picture of the book’s cover: America’s Black Founders. Hold it facing you so you can read it right-side up. Then fold the top half of the page to the back.

Step 8: Grasp the right side with your right hand and the left side with your left hand. Push these sides together in toward the middle.

Step 9: Bring the cover of America’s Black Founders to be in the front as the cover of the mini-book.

Step 10: Fold the back page to the back of the book. Press all creases firmly.

Read the book together and discover what you can learn about African American history!

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