Posted by: nancyisanders | February 21, 2011

Book Party: Readers Theatre for African American History

Thanks so much for joining me these past few days for my book party! It’s been fun celebrating lots of things together. Like Black History Month. And my book Readers Theatre for African American History which teaches kids all about African American history through the exciting world of readers theatre.

For the last stop that’s celebrating my book party, stop on by and visit the site Writing and Other Ways into the Heart of the Matter…for Kids.

And today, for one more bit of joy, I wanted to announce the brand new release of two of my books on African American history this month:

A Dangerous Search
Series: Black Patriots in the American Revolution
Book One: From Lexington to Bunker Hill
by Nancy I. Sanders
Publisher: History Compass

Black Abolitionists
(Perspectives on History)
Edited by Nancy I. Sanders
Publisher: History Compass

I’m doing the happy dance at the news that these books are slated to be released this month! I haven’t gotten my author’s copies yet, but I’m eager to hold these in my hands.


  1. How wonderful, Nancy! Congratulations on these upcoming new releases!

    • Thanks, Kim and Tina!!! And I have over 80 books now…Hugs, Nancy

  2. Congratulations! How exciting!! How many books does that add to your hat?

  3. Yippee! Congratulations, Nancy. I think you’re on a roll here!

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