Posted by: nancyisanders | March 4, 2011

Copyright According to Humphrey

Hi. My name is Humphrey. I’m a cat. You probably already figured that out. But what you may not know is that I’m also a writer. I even have my own website where I give my best writing secrets away for free. It’s called Writing According to Humphrey.

So, last night while everyone else was sound asleep, I stayed up and worked on my new book. It’s all about the history of cats.

Of course, first I had to jump up and check out what kind of tasty leftovers they forgot about and left out, just like I do every night for my midnight snack. Good thing I checked! I found this amazing little loaf of bread just perfect for eating. (Now, if I can just get these little bits of aluminum foil out of my teeth…)

As I was saying…I found a book online called Amazing Cats Through History. The page on the Egyptian cats was stunning! Then I found an old book of poems online about cats called Fat Cats and All That. It’s about all the famous fat cats (like me) who ever lived. Although now that I’ve lost 3 pounds and am down to 23 pounds total, I’m not as hefty as I used to be.

Anyhow, I wanted to know if I could quote freely from these funtastic books in MY book, or if I needed special permission because someone owned the copyright. Hey, I’m not a copycat! I check these things out! So I contacted the best source I know…a cool cat who works in a university’s archives. I figured he’d know a thing or two ’cause he handles dusty old books all the time.

I was right! He sent me a link that’s so fantastic I had to share it with you.

To learn all about copyright in one straightforward place, check out this link:

Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States


  1. Very cute, Humphrey! Thanks for your information.

  2. LOL. Isn’t this fun? I love it when Humphrey appears as a guest blogger!

  3. Hello Humphrey!

    You are looking quite fit! Can you share your weight-loss secrets with me? Im a pretty chunky wire-hair dachshund and mealtime is my favorite time of the day. You may not think a wiener dog could take advice from a cat but you seem to be pretty smart so why not? Thanks, too, for the copyright info! I’ll pass that on to my owner, Val, who will be so happy to refer to it in her writing. By the way, did you find anything good in that foil packet? Can I have some?

    Best Regards, Brown Sugar

    • Dear Sugar, my weight-loss occurred because of one reason: this amazing red “lightning bug” showed up on Christmas day. It races around the house and I just can’t help chasing it and trying to catch it! I think it lives under the couch…but I KNOW it has something to do with that new laser-pointer that was in my stocking. So after I sit an hour or so typing away at the computer, I take a break from writing and go chase that lightning bug around the house. Maybe I’ll bring it over to your house so you can try chasing it, too. Or would you rather chase lizards with your poochie pal Tootsie? -Humphrey

  4. Terrific picture! Thanks for the link!

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