Posted by: nancyisanders | March 11, 2011

Plant a Seed

Writing is like gardening.

The first draft is like planting a seed.

The published article or book is as different from your first draft as a sunflower is different from a sunflower seed.

Some writers never can accept this. They can’t let go of their “baby.” They can’t let go of their original manuscript and allow it to transform from a seed into a flower through rounds of self-editing, critique groups, editor-suggested revisions, and other changes.

They’re left holding a hard, stubborn seed that never sees the light of day. Their manuscript is never published because they’re convinced it’s the best it can be exactly how it is in its original form.

Let’s learn a lesson here.

Go ahead and plant your seed. Write your first draft from beginning to end.

Then allow it to grow over a season of time. Put it through rounds of self-editing. Take it to critique groups and polish it until it shines. When a publisher accepts it, do the revisions suggested by the editor.

The result will be a beautiful bouquet of flowers that will brighten up the world and add a sweet fragrance to the lives of others!


  1. Wonderful inspiration to start my spring break. Thank you nancy!

    • Glad you’re inspired! Enjoy your break, Nancy

  2. Wow Nancy! This is such an important truth, thank you for the correlation. It’s sometimes hard to imagine something we labored over for hours and hours could still be improved upon. But it’s the Lord doing the work, we are just the seed planters. We start it and He finishes it and makes something immensely more beautiful than we could ever have imagined. And in the end we can be thankful for being a part of His process, for being the pen in His hand. Thank you for sharing that bloom of encouragement. xo Val

    • Thanks Tina and Val!!! So glad you were inspired…I hope you are blessed today! -Nancy

  3. I love the analogy! Looking at an ugly sunflower seed to a bright sunflower and looking at a messy manuscript to a published book! Brilliant!
    Beautiful photo!

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