Posted by: nancyisanders | March 14, 2011


There are a lot of excellent writers who never get their manuscripts published.


They are too busy doing other things.

It takes focus to write. It takes time to write. It takes a dedicated, sit-in-the-chair, type of attitude to type out the first draft of a manuscript and then polish it until it’s ready to be published.

Just as this mama hummingbird is staying put in her nest, waiting for her eggs to hatch, writers must stay put at their computer, writing their manuscripts from beginning to end. We have to turn off our distractions and focus on our writing project day after day and sometimes month after month and sometimes year after year.

We have to focus if we truly want to write and see our dreams come true.


  1. Another great analogy, Nancy! I miss those hummingbirds!

  2. Oh! Our hummer mama! What a perfect analogy! By sitting on the “nest” of our manuscripts we can give “flight” to our stories. Thanks Nancy, I could sure use more focus.

    • Yes, Val, I need more focus this week, too. That’s why I wrote this post! :o)

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