Posted by: nancyisanders | March 28, 2011

On the Go with ESL Specialist, Dorit Sasson

Welcome to day five of Dorit Sasson’s 6-day NWFCC February Specialist Showcase tour. Dorit, can you share with us about what you’re doing in your corner of the world?

I am currently preparing presentations for three different venues.

On March 26th, I will be presenting to teachers of ESL students at Community College of Allegheny County on supporting academic writing. Many students are still not reaching literary connections they need to be successful in academic English courses and this talk will provide some of the strategies I have used to make these important emotional and literary connections.

The next venue will take place Gateway Gifted Center for teachers, administrators and district officials of the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Numbers of English language learners have significantly jumped in the past few years in the Pittsburgh public school district for both ESL support groups and general education classes and educators are hungry for instructional support on how to address some of the achievement gaps between native English speakers and ELL students.

Using the latest research on collaboration and oral instruction, I will provide teachers with instructional tips and strategies based on live scenarios, to help teachers close the achievement gap and consequently prepare students more academically to pass the high stake tests.

Much of what I am presenting is based on my current manuscript, Collaboration between K-2 ESL and General Education Teachers: What Educators Need to Know, which is currently under discussion.

Collaboration between general education teachers and ESL teachers who teach English language learners is emerging as a highly important development that is helping teachers of ELL students address the problems of how to support this diverse student population more academically.

I will also be speaking at the International Reading Association’s annual conference which will take place this year in Orlando, Florida on May 14th and will also be on teaching collaboration. I am so excited to reach a global audience of teachers from around the country.

Here’s a press release of this exciting event!

In addition to the above, here is an ongoing list of topics I have spoken/will speak about on my site, The Teacher’s Diversity Coach.

Thanks for joining us here at my blog today, Dorit!

Follow Day 6 of Dorit Sasson’s tour tomorrow at the site, Writing and Other Ways into the Heart of the Matter…for Kids.

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