Posted by: nancyisanders | March 29, 2011

On the Go with Homeschooling Specialist, Amy O’Quinn

Welcome to day five of Amy O’Quinn’s 6-day NWFCC February Specialist Showcase tour. Amy, can you share with us a little bit about your journey as a writer?

At this point in my writing career, I am focusing mainly on educational and non-fiction writing. I have been doing a good bit of work for a large educational supply company, and I still do product reviews for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

I also write a quarterly column for TEACH: Eternal Encouragement Magazine, and contribute to the National Writing for Children Center website.

I am interested in pursuing more educational writing work, and I am also in the planning process of developing a teaching resource using the books of several well-known children’s authors. I also have experience in creating learning guides for authors using their books as a starting point for additional ideas and activities. As Suzanne Lieurance has said, making learning guides available for teachers and educators is a great plus for authors and publishing companies.

I am flexible and willing to try new writing projects, so if anyone is interested in my services, I would be happy to do a consultation or answer questions. My contact information is on my website, Amy O’Quinn: A Writer Specializing in Children’s Nonfiction.

Thanks for joining us here on my blog today, Amy!

Follow Day 6 of Amy O’Quinn’s tour tomorrow at the site, Writing and Other Ways into the Heart of the Matter…for Kids.

Leave a comment here today and your name will automatically be entered to win a Three Angels Gourmet Co mug and a package of Divine Dill Dip Mix – at the end of the month, provided by the National Writing for Children Center.


  1. Nancy:

    Thank you for hosting Amy today. We appreciate your support.


    You certainly juggle many balls with your writing career and homeschooling your children. I’ll be contacting you regarding a consultation.

    Best wishes to you both,

    • Thank you, Donna for being so supportive through the whole tour! And I look forward to talking with you!

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Thank you so much for hosting the NWFCC VBT Day 5 on your blog. This is a lot of fun for me…not to mention a brand new experience, and I’ve learned a lot.
    Thanks again for having me here today! 🙂

  3. Amy, it’s a joy to have you here! Best wishes in all you do. -Nancy PS Did you know I write a homeschooling curriculum to teach elementary children how to write? It’s called WriteShop Primary and WriteShop Junior, available at

    • Thanks, Nancy! I really appreciate that! And I will most definitely have to check out your WriteShop curriculum (and yes, I have heard of it but didn’t realize you wrote it). I’m always looking for good resources for myself and to recommend to others in our group!
      Thanks again and have a great night!

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