Posted by: nancyisanders | April 4, 2011

C is for CWCC

For today’s A – Z Blogging Challenge, C is for CWCC, or Children’s Writer’s Coaching Club.

If you’re not familiar with the Children’s Writer’s Coaching Club, and you write for children, you have an AMAZING discovery to make!!!!! I love this place, this group of children’s writers, this awesome cast of teleclass instructors, and the fabulous writing coach, Suzanne Lieurance.

First of all, it’s AFFORDABLE. And it’s FUN!!! And did I mention that Suzanne is AWESOME?

And talk about exciting news…starting this month I’m going to be teaching a teleclass each month for ADVANCED MEMBERS, children’s writers who have at least one book published by a traditional publisher and who want to step up to the plate and watch their career soar! (And actually, ANYONE can join this Advanced Membership, even if you don’t yet have a book published because sometimes you have lots of experience in other areas such as magazine writing. But I won’t be covering the basics in this class…it will definitely be geared for advanced writers who already know lots of the basics.)

Here are just SOME of the amazing benefits you’ll find at the CWCC:

There is so much information, so much guidance, so much opportunity at the CWCC that’s FREE to you that it feels like it’s your birthday every day. Stop on over at the CWCC site and open up all the gifts and presents just waiting for you to enjoy as you watch your writing dreams come true.


You get 4 live teleclasses (you can call in and listen live to the class, or you can download the recording afterward to listen during your own time). You get a monthly lesson and assignment. You get a 10-page manuscript critique EVERY WEEK…check it out to see all the benefits!!! Click on this link to learn more about REGULAR MEMBERSHIP and how to join.

You get all the benefits of the REGULAR MEMBERSHIP, plus, you get an extra-special teleclass every month that can really help you dig in and take your writing career to the next level. I’m so excited to be teaching these classes, which will be more like workshops, really, as we more forward to build your writing career. Plus, we’re forming a group where you can get a 10-page manuscript critiqued each week by a peer in the group and swap to critique one of hers as well. Click on this link to learn more about ADVANCED MEMBERSHIP and how to join. Scroll on down toward the bottom of the page for the info.

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