Posted by: nancyisanders | April 12, 2011

J is for Jacketflap

Okay, anything free is guaranteed to catch my eye. And if it’s an outstanding opportunity, then it really rocks!

Jacketflap is free, and it’s outstanding, and it really really rocks!!!

It’s a MUST if you’re a children’s writer.

What exactly is Jacketflap?

It’s a free online market guide for children’s book publishers, and much, much more.

I love how I can find, with the click of a button, zillions of children’s publishers I didn’t even know existed. And with more clicks, I can visit those publishers’ sites and look at their guidelines and browse through their book catalogs.

That alone makes it fantastic.

But it’s much, much more!

So hop on over there and start clicking!


  1. Nancy, Thanks for the info. I joined Jacketflap but had never really used it. How do you ever find so much time for everything you do? Amazing!

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