Posted by: nancyisanders | April 16, 2011

N is for Now

Have you written anything today?

Have you taken one step closer to your goals and dreams as a writer?

If not, do something now.

Often, I’ll think, “I’ll sit down and write that later.” Later seldom comes.

So I’ve made it a practice to stop in the middle of my day and ask, “Have I taken a step yet today to accomplish my writing agenda?”

If not, I stop in my tracks and do something NOW.

My minimum requirement for a NOW moment is to block out 15 minutes in my TODAY to work on accomplishing a writing goal.

15 minutes is achievable.

15 minutes is workable.

15 minutes is doable.

I either sit down right then and write for 15 minutes, or I mentally determine the 15 minute block I’ll take for that day. This works especially if I don’t have anything in my head to write about. I spend the rest of the day thinking and planning how I’ll spend my 15 minutes. Then I sit down when that time segment arrives and get right to work. No writer’s block guaranteed if you do this!

Even if I’m tired and heading to bed, I can always squeeze in 15 minutes.

And it’s amazing how those 15 minutes add up.

And an extra perk is that sometimes when I sit down just to write for 15 minutes, it turns into 1 hour. Or 2. But that’s not my requirement.

All I require myself is to take 15 minutes NOW and work toward my writing goal.

What are you doing NOW to accomplish your writing goals and work toward your dreams?

Oh, and I forgot to mention…I try to take holidays and Sundays off from writing. On those days I want to spend precious time with family and friends and recharging my batteries. That way, on all the other days of the week, I can make a commitment to write. Now. I hope you can, too.


  1. Frankly, I’m all petered out from finishing the revisions of my MG novel. The novel has taken 1 year for research, 2 years for actual writing, and 1 1/2 years for revisions and a total cut of 8,000 words. Now I’m taking a breather from writing to weed my garden and bake my husband his favorite coconut-walnut-butter banana bread. And between these activities–plus mourning for the recent lost of my writer’s cat–I’m squeezing some time out to customize a query letter or two each week to be sent out to targeted agents and editors, so I wouldn’t forget to take the baby to the market! Ha-ha!
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful inspirational posts, Nancy!

    • Whew!!! Congratulations, Anne, on reaching a milestone. And I’m so sorry to hear about your sweet writing buddy…Best wishes on your manuscript’s success. -Nancy

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