Posted by: nancyisanders | April 18, 2011

P is for Plan Ahead

If I don’t plan ahead, I wake up and kind of meander through my day, and probably never sit down to write.

All this changes, however, when I plan ahead.

Just before I head to bed each night, I pull out my calendar. I look at my next day and see exactly when I can schedule in time to write.

Some days there will only be a 15 minute segment of time.

But other days there’s an hour here…an hour there…or even a morning or an afternoon!

So first I block out that time I’m planning on writing for the next day.

Then I jot down a quick note of the tasks I want to accomplish during that time.

And then I head to bed. When I get up the next morning, I know exactly what I’m going to focus on during my writing time. And it usually gets done. Because I plan ahead.

How about you? Do you stop and take a moment to plan your next day of writing? If so, how has it helped you? If not, why not try it and see what happens?!


  1. Planning is definitely key for me to!

    Happy writing,

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