Posted by: nancyisanders | April 19, 2011

The Writer’s Life with Children’s Author, Donna McDine

Today I’d like to give a great big hearty welcome to author Donna McDine! Donna, thank you for visiting me here on my blog.

Hello Nancy! Thank you for hosting me on Day 2 of my 6-day NWFCC April Author Showcase tour and learn what keeps me organized.

No two days are the same. As much as I want my writing schedule to be the same every day it is just impossible. Beyond my writing, I am a virtual assistant for International Business Leaders Forum, NWFCC Publicist, and Editor-in-Chief for Guardian Angel Kids Ezine. And with the daily book marketing efforts for The Golden Pathway, carving out the necessary writing time needs to occur before I tackle any of the above.

Now that both my girls head out to school at 7 am I make sure I’m ready for my writing session no later than 7:30 am. I spend at least 30 minutes three times a week away from my computer until I get a first full draft written. This way I don’t have the distraction of the good old Internet and email.

Both the Internet and email are wonderful tools, but if I don’t monitor carefully, before I know it I’ve spent the majority of my day on these two things alone. Thirty minutes may not seem a lot but you would be surprised how much you really can get done. This way when I start focusing on my other responsibilities, that little voice is not nagging me that I haven’t written today. It makes for a much more focused day.

And before I know it the girls are home and I get a little bit more of a reprieve while they are working on their homework before the grind of making dinner and driving them to their various activities of driver’s education (Yikes, yes…Nicole is now 16 and has her learner’s permit), fashion design lessons, religion, and basketball practices.

To make my days even more organized and focused is by planning out my “Three Major Goals” with the help of Suzanne Lieurance and what I need to accomplish to achieve these goals on a quarterly basis. Before the New Year began I zoned in on what I truly wanted for my writing career in 2011 and broke it down into three manageable goals without overloading each of my days. By leaving room for unexpected opportunities or family responsibilities alleviates the frustration of not getting my tasks done.

I truly believe that my years working in Fortune 500 companies for multiple bosses at one time have afforded me the training to be able to shift gears easily and effectively. No two days may be the same, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Follow Day 3 of Donna’s tour tomorrow at Lori Calabrese’s blog.


  1. Hi Nancy:

    Thank you for hosting me today. I’m honored to be here and I’ll be checking in throughout the day. Now off to write.

    Warm regards,

    • Hi Donna, it’s great to have you here! Best wishes on your tour and with the success of your book!!! -Nancy

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