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The Writer’s Life with Children’s Author, Vikki Ford

Welcome to day two of Vikki Ford’s 6-day NWFCC April Author Showcase tour. Have your children visit with you on this virtual opportunity to get to know a children’s author and ask you questions.

A day in the life of Vikki Ford involves waking up to a beautiful mountain view with deer traveling through her open window and a beautiful sunrise through the southern part of the house.

Vikki Ford feeds her three adoptive dogs, one baby kitten and makes sure her daughter has a well balanced breakfast. They all eat together. The birds and squirrels are fed and the dogs are let out to take a nice walk up to the lake or just visit their friends in nature. Then she settles her daughter into her private online schooling through Global Village School based out of California. Vikki then takes time for herself to focus and decide what the day will be as to her writing and counseling interests.

On days that she attends court, Vikki typically does not write. It changes the energy of the day and she finds she does better writing on days that are not focused in the legal arena. Those days are spent more on her daughter, her dogs and just relaxing.

She always starts her day in gratitude for life, for her daughter and for herself. So many people forget to be grateful for their own talents and unique expression that God has given them. Her writing room overlooks a beautiful landscape where birds and other wildlife navigate during the day. When she begins her counseling portion of the day, she moves to another area of the house where she overlooks more birds, more wild life and simply a beautifully wooded landscape of trees. She found that keeping the two parts of her life somewhat in separate areas helped her to focus more easily.

Vikki not only writes children’s books, but authors books for adults in both spiritual and legal matters. She counsels clients from all over the world so she may be talking to someone from England at one part of the day and someone from California at another part of the day. When she works with clients from Australia, she has to wake up early because of the huge time difference!

There is always a nature walk during the day and time to spend with her daughter. Since her daughter is very right-brained and tends to learn in her own unique manner, Vikki found that this method of teaching was best for her daughter.

Currently, Vikki is finishing her book, “Heart’s Justice: Compassion and the Game of Law” which should be out by the spring of this year. Her next self-empowering book, untitled as yet, is to be in Kindle form and in print by the summer of 2011 if all goes as planned. Vikki will then begin her second book in the series of Angel Anya’s Adventures.

By six each evening, Vikki and her daughter settle in for the night along with their crew of rescued pets. Unless her daughter is in a play or performing in gymnastics they enjoy watching movies together and simply being a family relaxing by the fireplace. Being a single mom requires being a mom sometimes and a dad at other times, but it works and we have love in our small but heartfelt family!

The biggest challenge Vikki feels is to show her daughter how to use her talents by demonstrating this in her own life each and every day. She involves her child in all aspects of her life, including having her daughter be a part of her radio show. It is quite fun!

Follow Day 3 of Vikki Ford’s tour tomorrow at Lori Calabrese’s blog.


  1. Vikki:

    I always find too, that starting the day off with gratitude leads to a centered and appreciated day.


    Thank you for hosting Vikki today, much appreciated.

    Best wishes,
    Children’s Author
    Write What Inspires You Blog
    The Golden Pathway Story book Blog
    Donna M. McDine’s Website

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