Posted by: nancyisanders | April 23, 2011

T is for Think

As writers, we get to think about fun things all day long!

And as writers, it’s important to think about these things.

I know some writers who sit down at the computer and stare at a blank computer screen. They don’t know what to write next in their middle grade novel or in their picture book. Or, they don’t have any idea on what project to work on at all. They suffer from huge doses of writer’s block.

Often these writers just end up wasting their precious writing time by surfing the Internet, chatting on Facebook, or answering e-mail.

There’s a great solution for writer’s block: THINK.

When we’re away from our computer, busy with other commitments throughout our day, we can think about that next scene, next page, or next project. As we flesh this out in our mind, we’ll soon find ourselves running to our computer to type it up.

A writer thinks. A writer plans. A writer observes. A writer looks at the world through the eyes of a writer.

Learn to think like a writer when you’re away from the computer and next time you sit down at the computer, you’ll have plenty to write about!

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