Posted by: nancyisanders | April 26, 2011

The Author’s Life with Dacia Moore

Welcome to Day Two of Dacia Moore’s 6-day NWFCC April Author Showcase tour and learn how Dacia overcame her own insecurities of writing her first book.

Why Are So Many Students So Angry? was my first book and I found the writing process both intimidating and exciting! It was intimidating because I didn’t consider myself a very good writer. I can write short reports and business letters, but a book is an entirely different thing! I had to overcome my insecurities about my writing style and vocabulary (or my perception of it) during the writing process. I was constantly faced with these issues, but my writing coach (Suzanne Lieurance) gave me positive feedback about my topic and my writing that enhanced my courage and confidence to continue.

The writing process was exciting because I know that many professional careers have been propelled to the next level from writing their book. People look at you differently when you are a published author and in my line of work that added credibility could lead to more training contracts and speaking engagements. The prospect of taking my business to the next level is very exciting. I want to do what it takes to make my business successful; writing and publishing a book is vital to that goal.

When I first sat down to write my book, I felt as if I had nothing worthy to say or that I did not have the skills to write in an interesting manner. Being a member of Suzanne’s 8- week coaching/ writing class was extremely helpful. During the course we had assignments that were due each week. Having a weekly deadline worked for me because I like to see progress and check off my “To Do” list. The strategy of completing a chapter or so a week helped to keep my writing on track.

I would write for about 45 minutes, take a short 10 minute break, then return to the lap top for another 45 minute writing session. This worked for me because I knew that I could stay focused as long as a break was in sight. During my ten minute breaks I would walk outside or eat a piece of fruit, this helped me to relax. I reserved mornings from 9 am to about noon for writing. I wanted to get those assignments done by the time my coaching class rolled around!

Suzanne instructed us to just write, not worry about grammar or content, but just to put our thoughts on paper, the editing would come later. This was liberating for me. One of the things I noticed when staring at a blank page was that I thought whatever I put on the page had to be the final product. That’s not true. The true work of writing is editing. After I relaxed and opened my mind to just getting content down, the rest was much easier!

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