Posted by: nancyisanders | April 28, 2011

W is for Writer’s Bootcamp

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I just found out that my all-time favorite writing coach, Suzanne Lieurance, is offering a Writer’s Bootcamp this summer. I was so jazzed about it that I had to tell all of you!!!

Talk about investment (see yesterday’s post). Signing up for her Writer’s Bootcamp will take an investment of both time and money.

But believe me, it will be worth it! If you really really really want to make your writing take top priority as it should and be very important as you’d like it to be, then get in touch with Suzanne and sign up pronto for this summer’s Writer’s Bootcamp! To find out more information about each of these intensive and personalized workshops, upload these pdf files:

Bootcamp for Novel Writers

Bootcamp for Nonfiction Writers

Suzanne will be taking sign-ups right away, so don’t delay! Plus, she’s limiting the number of writers in each bootcamp so she can really zero in and coach you and help you get your novel or nonfiction book polished and ready to really hook an editor.

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