Posted by: nancyisanders | May 3, 2011

Deadline Digest

Starting Wednesday I officially have 6 weeks until my BIG book deadline on June 15!!!! I’ve been working on this humongous project since last summer when I officially landed the contract. It’s a nonfiction book for kids about the Civil War.

It started last August, 2010, with a 2-week photo-research trip with Jeff back to the east coast to take over 1500 photographs of historic sites for my book.

Since then I’ve been writing and writing and writing the manuscript. Along with reading and reading and reading for research. Add to that looking and looking and looking for more images to add to the book.

And now I’ve got 6 weeks to go. To finish the 35,000 word manuscript. With over 100 images. (Hey…how did that go from 1500 pics down to 100…come along with me and I’ll explain how that works in a later post.)

Did I mention that in the next 6 weeks I also have another book deadline I’ve been working on since January?

So in all this intense deadline crunch, I thought you might find it interesting to take an insider’s peek and follow along with the tasks I’m doing to complete both projects.

Along the way, feel free to ask questions and learn more about what it takes to meet a big book deadline. Also share glimpses into your own writing journey. I love to hear what you’re working on, too!

So…here we goooooo!


  1. You’re Awesome. You Can Do It!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Annalisa! Today I’m feeling like I can. I must admit tho, there have been days and weeks where it’s felt impossible. Whew. I’m glad those middle-of-the-project doldrums are past…-Nancy

  3. Sounds like you’re right on track, Nancy. From what you told me about discovering some hidden gems in history I’m guessing this book is going to be groundbreaking. Get ready, Oprah may end up calling you! I’m NOT kidding. This is sooo exciting, can’t wait to see the finished product. (Both of them!)

  4. We did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  5. Nancy,
    You are amazing! Thanks for sharing and know of another children’s author who is doing a series of books on the Civil War. Met her at the Write2Ignite conference and her book is “Avery’s Battlefield” and she tells a lot more historical facts than I thought she would. It is mainly based in VA & W VA. My review of it is on my blog and was in our local paper Pines Perspective.
    Living in NC has been very educational with seeing the actual homes of freedmen in New Bern. In 1824 10% of Blacks were freedmen in town. In Charleston, 25% of Blacks were freedmen. The Nat Turner Rebellion frightened slaveowners and so laws were passed to protect them. There is plenty more of fascinating info on NC history too and here in New Bern we have 300 years of history. Love it!

  6. You leave the rest of us mortals, with ordinary amounts of energy and drive, just sitting in a ditch scratching our heads at that Propeller-Nancy who just whizzed by.

    Way to go, Nancy.

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