Posted by: nancyisanders | May 9, 2011

Deadline Digest: Surprise!

Last Friday night I planned my Monday writing schedule hour by hour like I usually do.

But this morning, when I got up at 6:30 and sat down at the computer, I discovered I had an e-mail from back East telling me my photographs and images were ready to be delivered if I was ready.

I was!

So, I tossed out my entire writing plans and settled into a day of images instead. Surprise! I hadn’t planned it, but sometimes these days happen and take priority over everything else. I had been waiting for these images for a couple of weeks and was getting nervous that they hadn’t arrived yet.

First, it took a while to get the nice batch of images that library sent me. The librarian in charge of the historical images in their collection sent me several e-mails with links in them. When I clicked on each link, it opened up a unique web page where I could then download the high-resolution tiff file my publisher requires for use in my Civil War book.

Then I spent an hour or so plugging those images into my manuscript with the correct citation or credit line I was required to use. (I had to e-mail a different librarian to find out what that credit line is supposed to be. Plus, he said he’d prepare a permission form for me to sign to give me permission to publish their photos.)

Then I also had to organize all those photographs and images I downloaded into the image files I’m creating for each chapter to submit with the completed manuscript so they can send those all over to the designer who will be laying out the design of the book.

And in the middle of all that, I got a call from Washington, DC verifying they have 4 images I also want to use. And that gal was so sweet! Often, places require a minimum of 6 weeks to fulfill your image request. But since I only have 5 1/2 weeks until my deadline, she said she would send me those images right away and I can pay and sign all the forms later. Now THAT was nice! Some folks don’t do that. But since I’m starting to write my last chapter of my book this week, there are still about 10 images I’ve just now discovered I really really need to acquire for the book.

And then that same gal told me where I can find 2 other images I’m looking for. So I e-mailed that contact, but she e-mailed back and said she doesn’t have them…a university does. So I called that university and got that process started for those images.

And then…I searched one last time for some key images I really really wanted for the Civil War. I’ve been looking for these since last August and have hit a dead end everywhere I look. Even these places I talked with today said they don’t have them.

So I went on the Internet one last time to search for these key images, planning to end my search if I couldn’t find them…and I hit the JACKPOT!!!!!! I found 15…yes 15 images…KEY images I’d been looking for all these months…all in one place and they are all free to use without any restrictions or copyright!!! Wahoo!!! So I spent the next couple of hours downloading them and printing out the information I need to use them.

At times like that I just have to stop and say, “Thank You, God!” This book wouldn’t be what it will be without His input from start to finish.

And then Jeff walked in the door and I knew it was time to put on the artichokes for our dinner. Whew. What an amazing day!

Now back to writing that last chapter tomorrow…


  1. Congratulations, Nancy on your great finds! It’s amazing how God works just in the nick of time!

  2. Whew! I’m exhausted just from reading about your day, haha! Sounds like you hit the jackpot. What a blessing. Can’t wait to see your new creation. ~Val

  3. modern day miracle! awesome!

  4. Thanks Tina, Val, and Annalisa for your kind words! Hope your writing projects are going well for you, too! -Nancy

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