Posted by: nancyisanders | May 13, 2011

Deadline Digest: Forgetful

It’s been a whirlwind here this week…I’ve been busy filling out forms, faxing forms, downloading bulky tiff files, calling historic societies and research centers, and… writing checks!

Why all this action? I need to acquire my last final images for my book.

Yesterday, I thought that whew! I was finally done.

I don’t know when it hit me, but last night I realized to my SHOCK that I had forgotten one important image!

I mean, way back last August, I had located who owned important image #1 and important image #2 for my book. And in all those months since, I had totally forgotten to order important image #2!!!!!

It would have been a huge disaster to miss it.

Fortunately, I DID remember it and I ordered it today. The gal was so nice, too, and said she’d ship it to me on Monday.

But that reminded me…it’s so easy to be FORGETFUL of key details like this in a humongous project of this size.

That’s why I’m trying to finish up the entire first draft of the whole book by early next week. That will still give me 4 weeks to go back over all my notes and scan through all my outlines and double and triple check that I didn’t forget ANYTHING.

Plus, I’ve been keeping a big “TO DO” file folder stuffed with things I have to go back and plug in to the book before it’s done.

And just one last note…why writing checks?
Because about half of the images in my book are free…they are photos I took myself of historic sites I visited.

The other half are also free from sites like the Library of Congress.

Then there are a bunch of photos I paid $3 or $11 to use and those are nice, important photos to round out the book.

But to PUMP up the book and make it really really top notch, there are about 10 photographs of KEY PEOPLE that I am willing to pay a bit of money for, ranging from $30-$40 per pictures. These are the ones I’ve been paying for permission to publish in my book, all this last week.

But I did actually turn down a historic site yesterday when they e-mailed me the quote of between $110 to $190 just to use one image of a person who wasn’t that important to my topic. I MIGHT have paid that much for an important image #1 or #2 or maybe even #3, but not the one I was considering.

Before I ever wrote a book like this I had NO idea how acquiring these images worked. Do you have any questions about this process? I feel like a pro now, after handling over 100 images for this project.

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