Posted by: nancyisanders | May 23, 2011

Deadline Digest: Disappearance

Yes, my 2 book deadlines are rapidly approaching…one more lesson to go for my homeschool curriculum that teaches children how to write. And 3 weeks until June 15 when my Civil War nonfiction book is due.

So that’s why I disappeared for a little while last week…plus in the middle of all that I prepared to teach at the Antelope Valley Christian writer’s conference over this last weekend where I was also one of the keynote speakers. (Hey, if you were there, it was great to meet you!!!)

I’m down to that last month deadline crunch now. Starting today my plate is clear. No writing groups this next month. No teaching at writing conferences this next month. No teaching teleclasses for the coaching club this next month. No article deadlines or deadlines for the no-pay/low-pay market this next month.

I scheduled all of those commitments for AFTER June 15.

So if I disappear some days from my blog, too, you’ll know why. I’m in the final stretch. All my energies are focused on finishing these races I’ve been engaged in for months and months. I’ve got 2 book deadlines to finish and I want them to be the best they can be, so here I goooooo!

If you want some deadlines to write, go grab your market guide, look up a publisher to target, study their online book catalog or magazine, and send out a query with 3 ideas to fit into their product line. Send out a query every day this week to a different publisher with completely different ideas. Or send out one query this week and one next week and each week until you’ve sent out 4 this month! Go for it! Get in the race. Start running YOUR race. That’s part of what writing is all about.


  1. “Start Running Your Race” is the best advice!! Seriously, I was getting worked up and comparing myself to others and these words spoke to my heart and soul…I’m now peaceful about my talents, my abilities and my pace! You’re amazing! Happy writing and praying you’ll make your deadlines! Smiles!!!!

    • Oh Annalisa, I’m so glad you’re encouraged to run YOUR race! There’s nobody else out there who can run it quite like you can with all your unique talents and unique perspective of our world. Go for it girl! -Nancy

  2. Thank you for your encouragement! It’s so easy to get bogged down in my market guides feeling like I need to produce the perfect ideas and the perfect queries before sending them out. But, since I’ve read your ‘Yes You Can’ book I have been better able to push through that and have taken the chance and sent out my first query, plus I submitted 3 devotionals to different daily devo websites. Thank you Nancy! I wish you the best with these two book projects. Your organization is an inspiration.

    • Congratulations, Kathy, on sending out your first query. That is a milestone! I’m excited to hear when you send out your second…and more! -Nancy

  3. Nancy,
    Thanks for sharing. Have Jan Fields at Institute for Children Lit interested in my article on you and the one on Jesse Florea. Praise the Lord.
    Blessings, Jan

    • That’s great news, Jan! Hope things go through for you. -Nancy

  4. Wait a minute, is that a big ‘S’ I’m seeing on your chest? (For SuperWoman). Thanks for showing us how its done, Nancy! Way to go!!!

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