Posted by: nancyisanders | May 30, 2011

Deadline Digest: Thumbnail

With 2 weeks to go until my book deadline, I have been fact checking and editing and tweaking and going over my to-do list.

For my Civil War book for children’s nonfiction, I have 7 chapters in it with 35,000 words. Chapter 5 is the big, main chapter of them all. As I edited it, I felt like I needed to get a better overall picture of it in my head.

So I sat down and make a thumbnail of the chapter on one piece of paper. I drew little boxes for portions of text. I drew little boxes for pictures. I drew little boxes for sidebars.

Once I had a visual of everything I had in this chapter, I then moved big chunks around to make the chapter more balanced between sidebars, images, and text. I plugged in a dozen or so remaining blocks of images and sidebars that I still needed to add.

And then…wahoo! As I was doing one final fact check, I came across several pieces of information I had never discovered before. This info was sooooo important I felt like I found the crown jewels of this chapter! I even rearranged some of the images to give this the big punch it deserved.

Was I ever excited to plug these in to take this chapter to the next level! It’s moments like this that really make all this hard work worthwhile.

Now…back to fact checking and finalizing those last 2 chapters…

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