Posted by: nancyisanders | June 3, 2011

Deadline Digest: Great Exploits

The people who know their God
shall be strong
and carry out great exploits.
-Daniel 11:32


I was tempted to skip posting a blog today, but I really want you to take a glimpse into my world for the next week and a half as I finish up my 2 deadlines.

Yesterday morning, I wrote bunches of text and designed 10 worksheets for my final lesson I’m submitting (hopefully today) for Deadline #1. The publisher e-mailed me and asked how it’s going?! She needs it so she can edit it and format it and get it to the 50 test families on time. So I gotta get it out the door today.

Yesterday afternoon I went to an urgent meeting that popped up. (I asked if it could wait until after June 15, but it couldn’t.)

Then when I returned home, I checked my e-mail and lo and behold, a different one of my publishers sent me my newest book that will be coming out soon. “Can you proofread this final version of your 128 book and get it back to my by Monday?” she asked?


I knew better than to ask if it could wait until after June 15.

When a book is getting ready to ship to the printers, everyone is running behind schedule. So when it’s finally shipped to the author in its entirety for its final chance to check for typos, it’s always a super crunch. For my last book that was released, a couple of months ago, the editor sent it to me Friday night, I think, and asked me to read the 128-page book and return the typo corrections to him by Sunday night. I asked if I could at least have one more day (cause I don’t work on the weekends) but he said he himself had to turn it in on Sunday. It gets that tight.

So last night after I put down my writing, I met with God as usual for my sweet hour of Bible reading and prayer. I found a great verse to encourage me on this final stretch of my deadlines:

Many are the plans in a man’s heart,
but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
-Proverbs 19:21, NIV

So this morning, I got up at 6:45 and put on my figurative running shoes. I’m racing the final stretch of my race now with one deadline going out the door today and the other one finishing up in just over a week.

I turned on my worship music and did some morning stretches to help me from getting too stiff working at the computer for hours on end today. I got out my prayer/art/Scripture journal and found the great Scripture from Daniel 11:32 about carrying out great exploits for God. I put it on my breakfast bar to be encouraged every time I walk past it today.

So here I go… I can feel the thrill of the race in my heart as I see the finish line ahead. It’s the thrill of seeing all these months of hard work coming together. It’s the thrill of seeing nothing take form into something and know it’s gonna go out there and change the world. It’s the thrill of a deadline and I wouldn’t exchange it for anything else. It’s the purpose God has called me for and the purpose that will prevail.

I pray that you will run your race for God’s purposes, too, in whatever shape that may take for you as a writer!

So go on! Go out there today and carry out great exploits for God!


  1. glad you posted! the drawings are beautiful and i too enjoy meeting with God on a daily basis. He helps us accomplish more than we thought possible. smiles!

    • Oh Annalisa, you made me smile! -Nancy

  2. I’m praying for you, Nancy, that God will refresh you if you get weary and give you endurance to pace yourself in this last great push. Thank you for taking extra time to share your journey with us. It is so assuring to know that God will strengthen us to carry out His plans and “exploits”! Your artwork is precious too. Bless you today, Sister.

    • Thanks, Val!!! I appreciate your prayers.

      And guess what…Deadline #1 is out the door! I finished it this morning and submitted it. Then I took a nice lo-o-ong nap. Now I’m up again, refreshed, and ready to push forward. Praying your plans go well, too! Hugs, Nancy

  3. Lovely journal drawings and great verse! Thanks for sharing. I just read the above post on Val’s and see you already finished. Hooray! You’re very inspiring. I’m still praying for you. If you need any help proofreading, send it my way like before!
    Miss you,

    • Thanks for your prayers, Tina! And wow, what a sweet offer to proofread!!! How are your writing projects going? Hugs, Nancy

  4. Nancy, It is so awesome that God has blessed you with this much work. He knows you are capable of doing an awesome job, just as you have before. Enjoy the labor. Then, enjoy a little rest. He will give you that as well.

    Praying for you today.


    • Thanks for your prayers, Stephanie! And yes! Summer vacation starts June 18. Since Jeff is a teacher, we always get lots of R and R over the summer.

  5. Nancy,
    I’m praying for you. It is great #1 is “out the door.” May the Lord bless your work on deadlines #2 & #3.

    The scripture and your drawing was a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing this! I’m glad Jeff and you will get the needed rest this summer.


    • Thanks for your prayers, Margaret! And there’s no Deadline #3. :o) After #2 comes summer vacation! Hugs, Nancy

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