Posted by: nancyisanders | June 6, 2011

Deadline Digest: Done!

Yes, that’s right! My two book deadlines are DONE!!!!

Thank you all for your prayers! And thank You, God, for you are faithful!

I finished Book Deadline #1 last Friday and e-mailed it to my publisher.

And today, I finished Book Deadline #2. Wahooooo!!!

I finished typing the last word on Saturday, after I made the very last craft for the book, and after I uploaded all the photographs to go with that for the artist to refer to.

Then today, I filled out my Author’s Questionnaire. This can be a bit tricky because they’re each different. But I had read it last summer when I signed the book contract and saw that they wanted me to include a list of media contacts and people they can send review copies to. So all through this past year, I’ve been stuffing papers in that file folder for this exact moment of connections I stumbled upon who might be interested in hearing about my book.

So it wasn’t too hard to go through all those papers and organize them and type out the contact info on the Questionnaire.

Next, I set up my tripod and took about a dozen promotional photos because I need to include one with the Questionnaire.

When I finished that, I got out my folder that was labeled “TO DO.” I went through all the pages I’d been stuffing in there over the last year as I thought of things I needed to include in my book…and guess what? I’d already done most of them!

I finalized the front and back matter (table of contents, timeline, acknowledgements in the front and bibliography and student resources in the back) and my manuscript was finished.

Then, it took awhile for me to burn a disc of all the huge tiff image files, so while my computer hummed merrily along burning the DVD, I did some housekeeping.

Or should I say “officekeeping”?

I organized my file folders for this book (I’ve got over 2-feet wide of folders by now) with research notes and image permission forms and activity notes. Then I pulled these big file folders all off the shelf next to my computer (where I keep my current project) and moved them up and over to a different shelf. (I threw away files that had been in that spot because I hadn’t used that info for a couple of years or so.)

They’ll sit there for the next year and a half in case the publisher calls and needs something pronto.

And after Jeff came home, we headed to the post office to mail the disc and Questionnaire in.


Tomorrow I’m taking a writer’s mini-retreat to celebrate. Time to relax and just get in touch with everything that I’ve put on hold for the last 6 weeks…and other things I’ve put on hold since January when I really hunkered down to focus on these 2 book deadlines.

I’ll put on some of my favorite music and maybe light some candles (or sit outside near the garden if it’s warm enough) and journal and just let the joy of writing fill me up once again.


  1. Wahoo!!!!!!

    Super amazing!!!

    Enjoy the thrill of completing your deadlines.

    Great job!

    • Thanks for sharing the joy, Annalisa!

  2. What accomplishments! I enjoyed reading your Herculean journey of writing 2 books concurrently!

    • Anne, it was great to have you on board! How are your writing projects coming along?

  3. Congratulations!!! The two projects are finished šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ !!!!! Have fun on your summer vacation and RELAX!!!

    • Thanks, Margaret!!! Enjoy your summer, too. :o)

  4. Congratulations! What a sense of accomplishment you must feel. Enjoy your mini retreat. I’m curious about one thing, what information is on the questionnaire that you mentioned? Is it all about promoting the book?

    • Thanks, Kathy! And here’s a brief overview of the Author Questionnaire I had to fill out:
      Personal Info such as how I want my name to be on the title page, contact info for media, professional positions, education, and published credits.

      Marketing info such as names, addresses, phone numbers of people who can recommend the book, websites who might want to sell the book, contact names of people/venues who might want to purchase my book, media contacts to send review copies of the book.

      A summary of my book, how it differs from others on the same topic, and what 3 things are most important about it.

      As I mentioned, most publishers have something like this to fill out, but each one is unique.

  5. Applause, Applause!! Congratulations on finishing these two book projects! Thank you for sharing your journey. Have a relaxing summer!

  6. Thanks for the claps, Tina! How are your projects coming along? I hope you have fun with the kids this summer, too!

  7. Nancy,
    After reading your blog one more time, I had a few questions about your manuscripts.
    Do they still need to be edited or was your June 15 the final draft? If they both need to be edited, about how long does that process take?


    • Thanks for asking that question here, Margaret! Actually both of these book deadlines, like all book deadlines, will now undergo 6 months to a year of editing. I’ll be working closely with both publishers to tweak, fact check, edit, and rewrite chunks of text to prepare the manuscript for the final editing process. Then, after it’s polished until it shines, both will be sent out to other editors and proofreaders and I might need to make even more changes. Then, as they are both in the design and layout process, I’ll be in touch with the publishers once again to make sure the design or art matches the concepts. And FINALLY, when all that’s done, I’ll go over everything one last time for the final proof before both are sent off to the printers.

      But in the meantime, I’ll be moving forward on my other book deadlines that are now scheduled for the upcoming year on my calendar. Smile. It’s a fun process to be involved in!

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