Posted by: nancyisanders | June 29, 2011

Summer Reads: Online Community

by Victoria Schmidt

Okay, this is so cool…I’m reading through the 10 Steps to Overcome Resistance and I discovered that Step #4 is to hold yourself accountable.

Not only that, but this book has an ONLINE GROUP where I can go and sign up and talk with other writers who are committing to writing the entire first draft of their book in one month.

I gotta go and check this out!

I can hardly wait to get to the point where I’m actually gonna finish my middle grade novel this fall.

But first I want to read this exciting book this summer from cover to cover as one of my Summer Reads. THEN, when I go back to writing in the fall, I’m gonna dive right in!

How about you? Do you have a novel or book or middle grade novel you’ve been wanting to write but never have? Then get Schmidt’s book and get motivated to write it…all in one month!


  1. I’ve taken the plunge and invested in improving my skills and chosen to read “WRITING PICTURE BOOKS: A Hands-on Guide from Story Creation to Publication” by Ann Whitford Paul.

  2. I wrote the complete first draft of a novel in one month, but through NaNoWriMo. The whole process was an inspiration. I have been rewriting and revising for 10 months now. It’s a middle grade fantasy with a “non-magic” protagonist!! IT was great fun!… But what do I do now??

  3. Congratulations, Louise! Wow, what an accomplishment! Well…there are so many directions you can take now. You can try to submit it…do you know how to submit to publishers? If not, have you read my book, YES! YOU CAN! Another direction you could go is to take it to a critique group. Is there one in your area? Check out the regions in SCBWI. Another direction you could take is to get professional help with it with a writing coach. Suzanne Lieurance is a great coach I highly recommend. And still another direction you can take is to write another novel in one month. The more you write these, the better you’ll get, guaranteed. I’m eager to hear what you do!

  4. Nancy,
    Thanks for the quick response! I don’t think I have the heart for the next part of the journey. I just like to write. I am in awe of your website. I can’t even figure out how to get to all the places and “stuff” let alone create something like this. I am not techically or computer inclined at all. I first came across your name in the writer magazine and I always read your articles. Thanks for such an amazing adventure. It would be really great if someone wrote a series of articles on very, very basic set up of websites and blogs for individuals like me who don’t have a clue. Other than that, I will keep “visiting”. Thank you. Louise

    • Wow, Louise, it was so great to learn more about you! And that’s okay if you’re not ready for the next part of the journey. Just enjoy writing!!! That’s fantastic!!! And regarding blogs and websites, I didn’t know a thing a couple of years ago but my publisher wanted me to get started, so for a year I tried It says you can learn how to build a blog in 3 minutes, and you can. It’s that easy. Then I just took one step at a time after that. Try it! See if you like it, too. It’s a fun way to write. -Nancy

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