Posted by: nancyisanders | July 5, 2011

Summer Reads: Plot

I’m adding 3 more books to my summer reading this week and next. These books are all on the plot and structure of a story.

I’m reading these along with my other summer reads to help prepare for the tele-workshop for advanced writers in the Children’s Writer’s Coaching Club that I’m teaching next week on PLOT AND PACING from picture books to young adult novels.

For starters, I’m re-reading Eve Heidi Bine-Stock’s unbelievably amazing and essential book for all picture book writers, Volume I: Structure.

Not only did I reread passages and portions of this book last week for my own personal benefit as I’m working on developing the plot and structure of a new picture book I’m writing, but I am also reviewing it for strategies to teach in my tele-workshop.


  1. This book is AMAZING!!! I just finished reading it and I learned so much. Now I’m going to read it the second time with the actual books in hand (after a trip to my library and Amazon) The second book is just as helpful as the first, but I only started reading the book. I bought my book through Amazon, so I know you can purchase it there.


    • Yes, isn’t this book great, Margaret? And the other two are as well. They’ve changed my whole approach to picture books! -Nancy

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