Posted by: nancyisanders | July 30, 2011

Summer Reads: Children’s Poetry

I was excited to see in a current issue of Highlights magazine that they featured a poem by Jack Prelutsky! He’s the children’s poet I’ve been studying as I’m reading a book this summer called The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Poetry!

So, when we went to the beach a couple of days ago, I brought along my poetry journal where I’m exploring writing exercises that this book recommends.

I wanted to write a little children’s poem about the beach using the sense of taste. Here’s what I came up with as Jeff and I sat on the sand, tasted the salty spray of the waves pounding the shore, and watched little children digging sandcastles with their buckets.

Ocean Picnic
Salt on my pretzels
and salt in the sea.
Sand in my sandwich
and sand on me!


  1. Perfectly beautiful! Haiku-like. I love it!

  2. Nancy,
    Love it. Cute, short and even comical. My kind of poem. You also got the sense of touch or feeling in here.
    Jan (Parys)

  3. Thanks, Anne! It’s a lot of fun, even to write these simple little verses.

  4. Fun.

  5. Pressed a button before I finished! I have a vivid memory of going to Miami Beach with cousins when I was about 6. The drive back to their house in Hialeah was nearly unbearable as the sand ground into the skin in my swimsuit. The things we remember!

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