Posted by: nancyisanders | September 14, 2011

Middle Grade Novel: Detailed Plot Charts

I thought you’d like to see a picture of the plot chart I mentioned in my previous post. As I said, I printed out 5 of these and taped them top to bottom to form one long page that folds up like an accordion to fit inside a file folder for storage. I’m plotting my main plot and 4 key subplots on these charts to make sure things happen in the story where they’re supposed to happen for the best oomph and the strongest structure.

I love how handy this chart is, and I hope you do, too!


  1. Great idea, Nancy! And I like how Sandman has taken up the mantle of guarding your work for you like Humph used to do! How sweet!

    • Yes, it’s sweet to have 2 new writing buddies, but we do miss Humphrey!

  2. Hey, Nancy. I ran across this today and thought about you.

    I’m not making much progress writing a new novel, but I’m still listening.

    • Interesting info, Doraine! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This surely makes great sense to anyone!!

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