Posted by: nancyisanders | October 24, 2011

Internet Marketing: Website for your Book

Right now I’m in the middle of building a website for my brand new forthcoming book, Frederick Douglass for Kids: His Life and Times with 21 Activities.

The book is in production, meaning that it’s going through its rounds of editing and revisions while the designer is working on the layout and design. Yesterday I just finished a 2-week revision process with my Project Editor, after a week-long revision process with my Acquisitions Editor that took place about a month ago. Now it will be sent to the Copy Editor who will look for even more places to tweak and polish.

While the editors and designer are busy putting the book all together on their end, I’m busy building a website that goes along with the book. The exciting thing is that in the back of the book, they’re actually including a link to my website so teachers, librarians, parents, and kids can go there for lots of important information!

Now, I’m not building that website just by chance. I’ve worked with a couple of different publicists over the years, including the publicist at the publisher for this book. They have given me tips and strategies to use to build my book’s website. I’m following their guidelines very carefully.

I thought you’d like to learn more about the process I’m taking to build this book’s website so you can build your own for your book. And if you don’t yet have a book, you can store this knowledge up so you’ll be ready to rumble when your first book comes out!

So in the days and weeks ahead, we’ll be talking Internet Marketing here on my blog with a focus on building a website for your book(s). For starters, take a peek at the website I’m currently building for my upcoming book that will be released in June 2012: Frederick Douglass for Kids.


  1. Nancy,

    Congrats on your new website, it’s beautiful! One could spend hours there perusing all the interesting facts and tidbits! I especially love the picture of Frederick Douglass in his study in the 1800’s, wow! That is a rare find! And the fun activities like “How to serve tea and coffee” for the servants back then. This site is a little treasure chest for kids and teachers, you did a great job.

    Love, Val

    • Thanks, Val! I’m having so much fun putting this together, too! Hugs, Nancy

  2. Nancy,
    It is beautiful. Margaret told me about it and she said the same. Great job.
    Here is New Bern there were many successful freedmen (& women.)

    • Thanks, Jan! Don’t you just love studying history?

  3. How neat that your web site will be included in the book! Congratulations! The site looks great, and I like the welcoming picture.

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