Posted by: nancyisanders | October 31, 2011

Internet Marketing: Your Official URL

Today I’ll be showing you step by step how to sign up for an official URL and create a website at WordPress.

Why do I recommend WordPress? I’ve talked with some big time authors as well as done research on various sites and the key feature is that WordPress allows you to design a blog that LOOKS like and OPERATES like a website. Others don’t. Plus, it’s not TOO hard to learn. And did I mention it’s free? You can pay for services, but because I want to build a lot of sites to feature my various books and writing-related themes, I just stick with the free options.

So…here we go!

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Fill out the form.
A) Type in the URL you chose over the weekend. It can be your book’s title or the name of your writing-related theme.
B) Type in the name of your new website. This should also be the title of your book or your writing-related theme. Or it can be your name and say something like: “Nancy I. Sanders’ Home Page.” (They always refer to this as a blog, but you’re not going to think of it like a blog. You’re building a website that you can leave alone and don’t have to post on.)
C) Privacy: I recommend keeping it “viewable by everyone.” This is something you want to do to increase your web presence. Let everyone find it.
D) Language: Choose en-English.
E) Thinking about upgrading: Just choose the free blog option.
F) Click on “Create Blog.”
G) Click on “Visit Your Dashboard”

That’s it! You’ve created your official URL. Now this site belongs to you!

And now you get to start tweaking it to make it look like how you want the site to look. We’ll talk more about that in my next post.


  1. ok… it’s done!

  2. it wasn’t easy, because I think there was a bug and whatever I did it said it wasn’t good. So I left the site and started it all again, and this ime it worked! Now I am waitting to go on!!!!!!
    And I decided to do it in english!!
    Thanks for your help!

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