Posted by: nancyisanders | November 2, 2011

Internet Marketing: Choose Your Website’s Appearance

OK. Now you’ve got your official URL set up for your website (which WordPress will always refer to as a blog because technically, we’re taking their blog and turning it into a website for our marketing purposes).

The next thing you get to do is have fun picking out what you want your website to look like.

Don’t stress too hard over this…you can always change its appearance with a click of a button if you find a different layout you like better. This is a great feature on WordPress!

Here’s what to do:
1. Go to the “dashboard” for your new website.
2. On the left column, look down until you see the word “Appearance.” Click on this to open it.
3. Have fun browsing through all the different “themes” WordPress has to offer. Pick out a design you want your website to look like.

Here are two tips:
Tip One: You can pick out a theme like Rusty Grunge that lets you type the name of your website at the top. Then you can post an image of your book on the first page (I’ll tell you how to do that in a later post).
To see what this looks like, check out my book’s website D is for Drinking Gourd.

Tip Two: Or you can pick out a theme that lets you upload a photograph you took to replace the header. (I’ll tell you how to do this in a later post.) This is good if you’re building a writing-related website.
To see what this looks like, check out my website that I created for all my books (I uploaded the photograph I took with the tea and writing journal for the top) at my website Bookzone.

So for today, pick a theme…any theme! And click “Preview.” When you find what you like, click “Activate” to make it stick.

And if you ever want to change it, just go back to the dashboard, click on appearance, and browse through the themes again. Simply clicking “Activate” will put all your info and pix into the new design of your choice.

Have fun!


  1. done… I must say I have spent the day trying and trying again!!!!! till very late at night!!! It was hard but rewarding and exiting!
    I will keep my questions for later!

  2. What fun!!!!!! thank you! I am completely addicted!!!!!!

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