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Interview: Suzanne Lieurance

Meet Writing Coach Suzanne Lieurance!

Ready to start a freelance writing business but you don’t know how?

Have you been looking online for someone or something that will help you?

Then find out more about the Working Writer’s Club in this interview with
the club’s founder and president, Suzanne Lieurance, the Working Writer’s

The Working Writer’s Club might be just what you’re searching for!

Q: Suzanne, as the founder and director of the Working Writer’s Club what is
the first thing you would like people to know when visiting
the Working Writer’s Club?

A: I’d like visitors to know that our club is all about helping freelance
writers learn to write better, make more money, and live the writer’s life
they’ve always dreamed of living.

Q: Having created your own successful freelance writing career you know what it takes to build momentum. What is one of the most critical steps a writer needs to take consistently to develop their own freelance writing career?

A: The most critical step is to develop your goals – you have to KNOW what
you want before you can figure out HOW to get there. Yet, this is the one
thing that so many new writers don’t take the time to do – or at least they
don’t take enough time to do it well. They may think that “write a novel
this year” is a goal. But actually, I think of a goal as something even
BIGGER than that. Writing a novel is an action step toward a goal rather
than a goal itself. To get to the goal, consider WHY do you want to write a
novel? What do you want this novel to do for you or your career? Your answer
to that question is closer to your goal (or at least one of your major

Q: What advice would you give to a newbie in freelance writing? And the
intermediate freelance writer that has seen some success, but seems to be in
a holding pattern at the moment?

A: Whether you’re a newbie or an intermediate freelance writer – or even a
very experienced, successful writer – continue to learn from other
successful writers.

Join our club or another organization for writers. Then take an active part
in whatever group you join. Next, develop a focus for your writing and
create no more than 3 major writing/career goals for yourself that you hope
to attain within the next 12 months.

Also, constantly evaluate what you’re doing to see if it’s getting you
closer to your goals. If it isn’t, then change what you’re doing.

Q: By becoming a member of the Working Writer’s Club what can a freelancer

A: For one thing, you can expect us to help you create a focus for
your writing career or your writing business. And, we can help you create no
more than 3 major goals – so you’ll get really, really clear about WHAT you
want, WHERE you’re wanting to go, and then we’ll help you stay focused so
you take the steps to attain your goals and build your writing career and/or
your writing business.

Q: With the wealth of freelance writing information available on the
Internet what makes the Working Writer’s Club unique?

A: I think the one thing that makes the Working Writer’s Club unique is that
we’re not out to get you into our club so we can sell you a bunch of other
high priced programs or products. We just want people who love to write and
want to build a business or a career around writing to join our club and
make use of all the resources, information, training, networking and support
they’ll receive for just $9.99 per month. I think another unique thing about
the Working Writer’s Club is that we all genuinely have fun helping each
other be more successful.

Visit the Working Writer’s Club today and explore all they have to


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today, Suzanne! I LOVE your club and love being a part of it! -Nancy

  2. Hi, Nancy,

    Thanks for posting this interview. We have all sorts of great things coming up this month for children’s writers. On the 17th, Donna McDine will be presenting part 1 of a 2-part workshop all about how children’s authors can enter their books to win contests and awards. This info is on the November Events page of our site.

    Happy writing, all!

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