Posted by: nancyisanders | November 4, 2011

Middle Grade Novel Workshop

Some of you were following along when I was hosting how to write a Middle Grade novel here on my blog.

Well, some of my local writing friends wanted to actually participate in this workshop as a live event, so I ended up hosting a 4-session workshop in my home during the month of October. It was lots of fun and the end result?

We wrote our Middle Grade novels, all in one month!

We all learned so much and accomplished so much, that I wanted to invite more of you who don’t live in Southern California to participate in the workshop, too. The Working Writers Club has graciously offered this as an audio workshop you can sign up to purchase as a 4-part audio you download onto your computer.

So if you’d like to work through the process of writing a Middle-Grade novel from beginning to end, go to the Working Writer’s Club and sign up to take the 4-session workshop.

For more information, go directly to the Working Writer’s Club’s website.

Or, visit the Working Writer’s Club on Facebook.

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