Posted by: nancyisanders | November 8, 2011

Internet Marketing: Upload Photographs

If you are using a theme in WordPress such as Choco that has text in the header (no picture) you will want to upload pictures to your pages that you are building.

For example, look at how I used Choco as the theme for the website for my book, A Kid’s Guide to African American History. I uploaded a picture of my book’s cover for the very first page so visitors can see what my book looks like.

If you have not yet figured out how to upload a picture to put in your post or page, here’s what to do:

1. First save your digital photograph as a jpg file on your desktop. Then go to your Dashboard.
2. In the left column, click “posts” if you want to add a picture to your first page like I did. (If you want to add a picture to a page you create, you’ll follow the same steps, and I’ll tell how to create a page in an upcoming post.)
3. Run your curser over the “title” of your post (it might say (no title) and then click “Edit” when it appears.
4. If you want to work in HTML, click the HTML tab near the top. If you want to work in Visual, click that tab.
5. Put your curser where you want to put the picture. Probably at the top of the box where you type in. Click your curser.
6. Then move your mouse over the little icons at the top of the text box. The first one is for “images.” Click on that icon.
7. Click on “select files.”
8. Highlight the picture you want to upload (from your desktop) and click “open.”
9. In the box that opens, I pretty much ignore all the choices it offers and scroll down to select “size.” Usually “medium” size works the best, somewhere in the 200-300s, so I select the size that’s closest to that range. Select the size, then click “Insert into post.”
10. Click “publish” or “update.” Then look at your site to make sure the picture is the size you want it to be. If it isn’t, repeat the steps and choose a different size option.

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