Posted by: nancyisanders | November 11, 2011

Internet Marketing: Creating Pages for Your Website

When you choose a theme in WordPress, most of them allow you to create “pages” with different topics. For example, I created a writing-themed website for educators about several of my books called 50 Nifty States Virtual Book Tour. The theme is Ocean Mist and the pages include:
50 Nifty States
How to Participate
Readers Theatre
and other pages featuring my books

You can see the pages at the top of that website.

Here’s how you can create your own pages:
1. Go to your dashboard.
2. In the column at the left, click “pages.”
3. In the column at the left, click “add new.”
4. Type in a name for your page at the top and hit “enter.”
5. Type in text or add photographs or media to the text box.
6. Click “Publish” on the blue button at the right of the page.

Now, when I build a website for my books, I turn off the comments from most of my pages. This keeps it looking like a website and NOT a blog. It looks more professional. If I want people to send me comments about this site, I just create an “About the Author” page or “Contact the Author” and include a link to a blog where they CAN post a comment or include my e-mail directly on that page.

If you want your pages to look like a website and not like a blog, here’s how to turn the comments off:
1. While you’re still on that page with the text box, scroll down to the bottom.
2. Under “Discussion” unclick “Allow comments” and unclick “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.”
3. Under “Likes and Shares” unclick “show likes…” and unclick “show sharing buttons.”

Now your page will look and feel more like a website rather than a blog.

In my next post, learn how to put your pages all in the order you want them to appear.