Posted by: nancyisanders | November 14, 2011

Internet Marketing: Putting Your Website’s Pages in Order

If you’re visiting here on my blog for the first time, these past few weeks I’ve been sharing step-by-step instructions on how to build your own free website so that you, as an author, can do actual factual internet marketing for yourself as a writer or for your books.

To start at the beginning of these posts, click on the first blog I made for this topic on how to build a website for your book.

Today, I’m going to answer a great question Nicole posted: “How to change the order of your pages so they’re not in alphabetical order?” Thanks, Nicole!

Here’s what to do:
1. Go to your dashboard.
2. On the left column, click on “Pages.”
3. You will see a list of all the pages you have created so far.
4. Determine which order you would like these pages to appear near the top of your header (or at the side if your theme puts pages at the side).
5. Open up the page you want to be listed first by clicking on its title.
6. Along the right side column, look at Page Attributes.
7. Under “Order” type in the number 1.
8. Click the blue button “Update.”
9. Look at your website and see if that page now appears first.
10. Then go back and open up each of your other pages and number them from 2 on up.

There! Now your pages are in order!

The trick is if you create a brand new page and want to tuck it in between 2 of the pages you already made. Here’s a tip:

If you give two pages the same number, they’ll appear next to each other in alphabetical order. That will help you have some control over their order, too.


  1. youpi! I am off to have a try!
    Do you think I can manage to take awway my list from the header? I managed to put it on the right side but not more then that…

  2. It worked very well for the first books, but some don’t appear in the header(I don’t know what I did for that!) and some don’t move… (I must have done something but what?! :-))))))))))))

    • Hi Nicole, every time you create a page it will appear in the header. There are 2 exceptions to this that I know of.
      1) You can create one page in the header. For example, label it “My Books.” Then go to the dashboard, then to pages, and then open each page of your different books. Under “Parent” along the right, click on “My Books.” This will delete all your book pages from the header at the top except “My Books.”
      2) Some different themes do not allow you to remove pages from the top. Try out different themes by pressing “Preview.”

    • Hi Nicole, you might just need to go back in and spend time with each page, one at a time. Don’t hurry! Just go through and make sure that you have all the buttons clicked or unclicked and all the page orders correct. Take notes if you need to, to compare them all. If they won’t move, you might have some of them with the same page number by mistake. If that is the case, they will stay alphabetical.

      • Thank you! I’ll soak all these informations and try again!

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