Posted by: nancyisanders | November 15, 2011

Internet Marketing: Transforming A Blog into a Website

When you use WordPress to create a website, you are in essence transforming a blog to look like a website. This is because WordPress offers blogs, not websites. So all their themes are set up to operate like a blog.

HOWEVER, the beauty of working with WordPress is that you can manipulate most of their blog themes to LOOK like a Website. I’ll be posting some information about how to do this.

For one thing, if you leave the sidebars up that come with their theme, it will still look like a blog. You want to change those to make it look like a website instead.

To see what I mean, take another look at the site I built for my book, America’s Black Founders. See how I showcase several of my books in the sidebar along the right side? My theme, Coraline, allows me to change what’s in my sidebars. (Some themes don’t, so if the following steps don’t work for you, change your theme and then try again.)

Here’s how to get started manipulating your sidebars:
1. Go to your dashboard.
2. In the left column click on “Appearance.”
3. In the drop down menu that appears under “Appearance,” click on “Widgets.”
4. Look at the impressive list of “Available widgets” you can choose from. I’m not very high tech about widgets yet, but I have figured out that the “Text” widget from the left is very convenient to use.
5. So for now, run your mouse over the “Text” widget and drag it to the column on the right labeled “Primary Widget Area.”
6. It might take a few times to get it to stick, but keep trying to do that until “Text” now appears in the right side. Once it’s there, you can type anything you want in that text box and it will appear in your sidebar. Try it! Click on the arrow at the right of the Text bar and a text box should open up. Type “Meet the Author” in the Title box.
7. Then click the blue button “Save.”
8. Then visit your site to see what it looks like. In your sidebar it should now say, “Meet the Author.” (Just like it says here on my blog at the right hand side.)

In my next post I’ll explain how to add your photograph underneath that title!


  1. yeah!!!!!!!!!! I did it!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Oh, I’m so glad this is working for you Nicole! Isn’t this fun?!

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