Posted by: nancyisanders | November 16, 2011

Internet Marketing: Working with Widgets

There’s probably an easier way to add a photograph to a widget in the sidebar on WordPress, but here’s how I figured out what to do.

Part 1:
Upload a photograph of yourself into a post or page, but DO NOT press the blue button “Publish” or “Update.” Upload it in the thumbnail size. You will be deleting this…it’s just temporary, so you can put this uploaded photograph anywhere on your blog right now.
(If you don’t remember how to upload a photograph, read my previous blog post.)
Be sure that you are looking at the “HTML” version right now and not the “Visual” version of your blog post.
Keep this window open.

Part 2:
Now open a second window or tab on your browser.
1. Go to your dashboard.
2. In the left column click on “Appearance.”
3. In the drop down menu that appears under “Appearance,” click on “Widgets.”
4. Open the text box you added yesterday to the right column, “Primary Widget Area.” You should see the title you added, “Meet the Author.” Underneath that is a text box.
5. Go back to your first window and highlight the html text for your photograph. Press “copy.”
6. Come back to this widget text box and paste the photograph’s html in here.
7. Click on the blue button that says “Save.”
8. Look at your site to see if your photograph appears like you want it to.

If your photograph is NOT the right size, don’t worry! I’ll explain how to fix that in a future post next week.


  1. grrrrr hasn’t worked… But how do you put it in HTLM????

  2. I did it but I improvised!
    I put my picture on my page “about”, and I clicked on “htlm” on the upper right side. I scrolled down, found the place where I had the picture and copied the loooong message(HTLM language), and I went to the other place, the text box, and pasted it in… and it worked!
    I went back to my page “about ” and turned it back to the visual…

    • This is exactly how I do it, too! Great job!

      • it is easy when you understand the path to follow…
        Now I am waitting to learn how to do the “for writers” part! 🙂

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