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Author Interview: Fran Fernandez

Meet Author Fran Fernandez
Web site and blog: Fran Fernandez

Bio: Fran Fernandez is a freelance writer of magazine and newspaper articles and has inclusions in several anthologies. She’s a pastor and speaks at conferences, luncheons, and retreats. She’s married for 49 Years to her husband Frank, has three children, and eight grandchildren. Her passion is the Lord and His Word. In whatever medium is available, Fran loves to let people know how much the Lord loves them and bids them to abide in His secret place, tailored and fashioned just for them.

Featured Book:
The Best is Yet to Come
by Fran Fernandez

Hungering for more of God? The Best is Yet to Come is a go-deeper-higher devotional for women wanting more from their time spent with God. Sixty devos filled with the word, biblical and real life examples help light the way to the secret place. Each one comes with a targeted prayer and personal challenge to help apply it to your daily life. He’s waiting!

Beautiful hardcover released by Zondervan. Available signed and discounted by author for $9 plus shipping: @ or through PayPal on website.

Q: What inspires you most as a writer?
As a child I loved to read and I still remember some books that I loved such as Little Women and The Coat of Many Colors. I loved the Nancy Drew mysteries and wanted to be a detective just like her. And as I grew older, God spoke to me through books which eventually led to me coming to know Him.

Also when I saw movies and shows that made me felt so good inside, I longed to write something that would bring people joy and meaning to their life. And with the Lord in my life, I can now do that as I walk in Him and His word.

Q: Describe part of the research process it took to write this manuscript.
Because The Best is Yet to Come is a devotional book, the main research process is my Bible reading and walk with God. Having said that, I now say that I have a file with favorite Bible verses, special things that I have heard, and things that God has done in my life. I record personal insights God has given me, or of others. I have a file with inspiring stories of people from newspapers, magazines etc., knowing one day they will make a great illustration for God’s Word to get across to someone.

Q: How did you experience breakthrough to work with the big publishing houses?
Through going to writer’s conferences and setting up meetings with editors, authors, networking with writers, editors etc.

Also, getting an agent helps. But, having said that, I now say that I had already made the connection to the editor at Zondervan through another editor from Zondervan who was at Montrose Christian Writers conference; when she saw my work, she told me to use her name when I sent my proposal to her co-editor. So when I got an agent I gave her that connection and she followed through.

Q: Share one tip you would like to give to a writer trying to break into the Christian market.
One tip (the most important one) and then I’ll sneak in a second one. The biggest and most important tip to breaking into the Christian market is that you would wrap everything you do in a relationship with God, prayer, reading His word, and keep asking along the way for wisdom and insight into what to write.
For how can we give out without getting in first?

Having said that my second tip is: Never Give Up! If you have a desire and a heart to write something either for children or adults, I believe that God has put it in your heart and He will make a way for it if you don’t give up. It goes without saying that you have to perfect your craft along the way; you must go to Christian writer’s conferences, for that is where you will meet others who have broken into the markets, and those to whom you can present your work to get into the market.


  1. I enjoyed your interview. Fran Fernandez is a talented and wonderful woman – a strong woman of faith. Her book has been an inspiration to me and it’s filled with spiritual truths. If you don’t own a copy, try to purchase one while they last!
    I love her idea of keeping journals and inspiring articles, etc. for future projects.

    • Thanks, June, for stopping by! And yes, isn’t Fran a great inspiration to us all!

  2. I’ve read Fran’s book of devotions and each devotion is a help and has spoken to my needs.

    I’ve known Fran for many years and she has been a wonderful example as a disciple of the Lord. She has always offered common sense and scriptural based view points to “problems”. She brings the same to her devotionals.

    Thank you for interviewing Fran as she is a talented writer devoted to sharing the Gospel.

    • I’m so glad to do this, Lisa! Thanks for stopping on by.

  3. Fran, you are an inspiration to me, always an encouraging word to share. Your book of devotions amplifies your love for the Lord, and your earnest desire to spread His joy to His children.

    Nancy, thanks for having Fran as a guest on your blog. Many blessings to you.

    See you in a twinkling,

  4. What I like about Fran is that, what you see, is what you get! She is a very down-to-earth person whose passion for the truth of God’s word and it’s application is contagious. This comes across in her devotional book too, as her love and trust in a very alive Savior, helps the reader to believe He is very much approachable for themselves too. It is her desire for all to experience what she already knows, the tender reality of Father God’s heart towards us.

    The response to your last question personally describes Fran: first, always of upper most importance is one’s relationship with God, and secondly, Never Give Up! Maybe that should be the title of her next book!

  5. Thanks for sharing about your book and about your writing journey, Fran, and thank you, Nancy, for hosting her. Your book sounds like a wonderfully inspiring one, Fran. Blessings on both of you, Ev

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