Posted by: nancyisanders | December 5, 2011

Internet Marketing: Bells and Whistles

For those of you who are just joining me here on my blog, for the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring how to build an Internet presence and market yourself on the Internet by building your own website. To start this series of posts from the beginning, just visit the first one from October 24.

There are zillions of designs you can use to create a winning website. For instance, many children’s authors use lots of bells and whistles. Visit some of these authors at these links:

Mo Willems
Mary Pope Osborne
Brian Cleary

One thing it’s important to know is that USUALLY, if a children’s author’s site has a lot of bells and whistles like these do, they’re probably not running their own site…someone at their publisher is doing it! That’s why it can look so high tech. This usually only happens, though, when a book is a really, really big seller.

Until that happens, you can sit back and sigh with relief that you don’t have to try to be overboard with your website design.

There are many practical, do-it-yourself, and effective strategies, however, that you can implement into your website to make it a winner for both you as a children’s author and your book marketing efforts. This is what we’ll be covering in the days and weeks ahead here on my blog.


  1. awesome. glad i keep checking your blog for helpful hints. you’re so generous.

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