Posted by: nancyisanders | December 9, 2011

Internet Marketing: Home Page

When you are designing the home page for your website, there are key elements to include that will add impact.

For starters, since we’re using the blog feature at WordPress, this home page will actually be under “Post.”

Go on your dashboard and edit the original post that WordPress put up when you activated the theme you liked.

Then go through and eliminate as many blog and WordPress words as you can. Turn off all the comment options and links, too.

Top and foremost, put the title of your book. Sometimes I put this in the heading. You can see how I put my book’s title at the top by looking at these 2 sites again:

America’s Black Founders
D is for Drinking Gourd

It’s also important to post a large picture of your book on your home page. Here’s another one of my books’ sites you can look at again to compare.

A Kid’s Guide to African American History

Underneath the picture of your book, post 3 key elements:
1) A blurb telling about your book. You can go ahead and copy what the publisher put on the back of your book or the jacketflap. No need to re-invent the wheel. Or, you can go to your publisher’s website or Amazon and see what your publisher listed there. Go ahead and copy it on your home page! You’re working together with your publisher to promote your book, so it’s okay.

2) Reviews of your book (I’ll explain more about this in my next post.)

3) A link to Amazon or your own site where visitors can purchase your book, if you’re selling the book yourself.

Look at my own 3 sites listed above to see examples of what I mean.

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