Posted by: nancyisanders | January 13, 2012

Teaching Kids to Write

Exciting news!!! My newest book, WriteShop Junior Book D is hot off the press and available now for homeschooling families and classroom teachers to use to teach kids how to write.

It’s been an amazing journey to work on this project along with the super- talented creators of WriteShop (and my wonderful editors) Kim and Deb. Each and every lesson has been tested by dozens of dedicated homeschooling families and tweaked to perfection so that kids learn to write and love the learning experience!

WriteShop Junior Book D comes complete with awesome resources. Check out the following (Are these fun or what?!):

Grammar guides for kids to learn punctuation, sentence structure, and more!

Time-saver pack for moms to create sturdy spinners, game boards, and cards for funtastic learn-to-write activities.

Activity pack chock full of exciting journal pages, reproducibles, and posters for kids to use.

And of course, they’re all combined with the Teacher’s Guide (shown at the top of the page).

To learn more about the WriteShop program, including the first three books I wrote for Kindergarten through second grade, visit the home page of WriteShop today!


  1. Congratulations Nancy! I’m sure this book will be a blessing to many home school teachers/parents.

  2. We stand in awe of you, Nancy. Your ability to clearly communicate and your amazing creativity continue to produce lively, quality writing lessons for kids. We couldn’t be more honored to publish WriteShop Primary and WriteShop Junior for you.

    • Thanks so much, Kim…that’s exactly how I feel about you and Deb! It’s been a huge honor to join in your wonderful program, WriteShop.

  3. Looks like it will be a good resource for teachers, students, and parents. You are such a good writing teacher to all.

    • Thanks, Paula! I appreciate your kudos, especially knowing you’re a teacher.

  4. Congratulations, Nancy! Anna & I had fun being a test family for this. Looks beautiful! BTW, is there a book E?

    • Yes, wasn’t that fun to be one of the test families?! Thanks so much!

      And YES!!! Book E is in production right now (I wrote it last spring) to get it ready for publishing…and I just finished writing Book F this week. 6 books in all. It will be a great program to cover elementary through High School with the original WriteShop, too.

  5. Woo hoo, Nancy!!! Doin the happy dance with ya!!! Congratulations!!!

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