Posted by: nancyisanders | January 16, 2012

Let’s Celebrate African American History!

Readers Theatre for African American History
by Jeff and Nancy I. Sanders
Libraries Unlimited, 2008

Today as we celebrate this special holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, let’s make it our goal to learn more about Dr. King as well as other African Americans.


Because African American history is part of every American’s history. Whether you are black or white, Asian or Mexican, if you live in the United States and call yourself an American, it’s important to learn the true, full history about the men and women who helped shape our country from the ground up.

One way you can do this is to read one of my books, Readers Theatre for African American History. You can also share it with your kids or grandkids. Geared for Grades 4-8, Readers Theatre for African American History features a collection of twenty scripts covering a comprehensive span of history from Africa before the transatlantic slave trade through current events in our nation.

In reading these scripts, kids will listen to storytellers from Africa and share the rich oral tradition about wealthy explorers who came to the Americas from Africa before Columbus. They’ll experience such events as Emancipation Day on the South Carolina Sea Islands, and the extraordinary 1939 Lincoln Memorial concert by Marian Anderson.

African American history is rich with opportunities for creative learning. This book brings them to life!

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