Posted by: nancyisanders | January 24, 2012

Internet Marketing: Adding Pages to Your Website

If you are designing a website to feature one book that you’ve written, there are several key pages I like to add to my site based on recommendations from the publicists I’ve worked with over the years.

Here are the most important ones I recommend to add to your book’s site:
Home Page (we discussed this in previous posts)
About the Author
About the Book
Teachers and Librarians
Awards (if your book has won any)

You can see what each of these pages looks like in my site for my book D is for Drinking Gourd.

Of course, you can add as many pages to your site that you want that you feel relate to your book. But these are the basic I try to include on each of my book’s sites.

I’ll be discussing what key components to include on each of these pages in upcoming posts.

TIP #1: For several of my books, I had to cut lots of text during the revision process. It’s a normal part of editing. The positive side of that? I took most of the chunks and put the material directly on the website I was building for that book!

TIP #2: When your book is under contract and ready to be edited by your project editor, ask if you can include a link to your book’s website in the back of your book! I got the courage to ask my publisher this, and guess what?! They said “YES!” So in my new forthcoming book for Frederick Douglass, in the back it lists my website as a good resource for online material about the book. So now, while I’m waiting for the book to be released in June, 2012, I’m busy making that website chock-full of interesting information.

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