Posted by: nancyisanders | January 27, 2012

Internet Marketing: Author’s Page

When you’re building a website for you book, it’s important to add a page about the author. Here are links to several of my author’s pages so you can see what I include on them.

America’s Black Founders
A Kid’s Guide to African American History
D is for Drinking Gourd

When creating your own author’s page, keep several things in mind.
#1 People like editors, agents, and publishers love to look at your author’s page and find out more about you.
#2 People like teachers, librarians, and event coordinators love to look at your author’s page and SHARE it with their students or with the people they’re inviting to come see you speak.
#3 Customers who might buy your book love to look at your author’s page to see if they might want to spend the money on your book and even perhaps buy other books you’ve written as well.
#4 Bloggers who might review your book or interview you or post an article about you love to read your author’s page and get info from it to put on their own sites.

So…the author’s page is very important!

Here are some ingredients I like to include on mine:
* a photograph of me
* a personal bit about me that I think the audience of my book might be interested in
* a blurb about my professional career and credits as a writer
* a link to my main website, the hub where they can find other links to my blog, etc.
* a link to an online interview where they can find out more about me (If you don’t yet have one, just ask a writer friend to interview you on her blog, and do the same for her!)

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