Posted by: nancyisanders | February 6, 2012

Internet Marketing: Adding Pictures

It’s great to add pictures to your website or blog. Especially if you’re creating a site to help market your book, it’s essential to include your book’s cover.

And on other pages, I like to include theme-related or pertinent pictures that add visual content to the pages.

And for my theme-related sites where I’m posting topics related to the material I’m writing, I also want lots of pertinent pictures to add.

My editor/publisher/friend, Kim Kautzer of WriteShop fame, helped me over the phone recently and shared with me how to add more punch to my pictures. First of all, she showed me how to link a picture to another site in my WordPress blogs/sites. (Thanks, Kim!)

Here’s what to do:
1. Insert the picture onto your post or page.
2. Working in the VISUAL tab (not HTML), click on the picture. Click the “Edit” button.
3. In the URL box, copy and paste the URL of the link to your book’s website or Amazon page or publisher’s catalog page.
4. Put a check in the box that says “Open link in new window.” (This might be under “advanced settings.”
5. Save changes.

There! Now when someone sees a picture, say of your book cover, they can click on the picture and go to a new site where they can purchase the book or find out more information.

Try clicking on this picture to see what I mean:


  1. A Beautiful cover for your new book! And his web site is filled with so much information. You’ve spent a lot of time on that web site!!

    • Thanks for your kudos, Tina!!! The great thing about creating this site was that I built it while I was writing the book…so any material I happened to come across that either fit the website or just couldn’t fit inside the book…I posted on here. This way I didn’t have to come back and work so hard on it after the book was done. This strategy made this site the easiest one I’ve built ever.

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