Posted by: nancyisanders | February 22, 2012

Writing Humor for Kids Teleclass!

Just thought you’d like to know I’m teaching a telephone writing workshop this week on Thursday, February 23 at 10:00 Pacific Standard Time. (Noon, CST)

It’s on writing humor for kids. I’ll be teaching about actual strategies you can use to plug into your manuscripts to take them from boring to hilarious.

Even if your entire story isn’t a funnybones type of manuscript, you can plug little bits of humor into the story using the strategies I talk about so that your manuscript brings a smile to the faces of your readers in the spots you want it to.

You’ll also get two handy handouts to refer to when plugging in humor-building strategies or self-editing your humorous manuscript.

For details on how to join in the teleclass live (or listen to the replay on an audio file on your computer) you can register and pay at this link:

Working Writers Club Workshops

Hope to have you join in the fun!


  1. So excited…I was just thinking about one of my books and how it needs some humor in it…don’t like boring books for kids. Smiles!

  2. Great telecon…had lots of fun learning from you! Thank you!!

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