Posted by: nancyisanders | February 24, 2012

Let’s Celebrate Black History Month!

After we visited to New York City, our plans for our trip suddenly changed. We had a cancellation from our original itinerary, and the opportunity opened up for us to travel to New Bedford, Massachusetts, where Frederick Douglass went on his final leg of his journey to freedom. He and his new wife, Anna, settled in New Bedford. It was here Frederick Douglass learned about the abolitionist movement and eventually joined their ranks as speaker.

We also visited Washington, DC. where Frederick Douglass moved toward the end of his life where he had a career as a famous statesman and was much sought after as a speaker. We toured his home, Cedar Hill. Jeff and I sat in the rockers on his front porch and looked out over the DC area, marveling at the man whose footsteps we had been able to walk in.

Frederick Douglass was the Martin Luther King Jr. of his day. He is one of my newest heroes and through my upcoming book, FREDERICK DOUGLASS FOR KIDS, I hope to give children of our generation (as well as parents, teachers, librarians, and other Americans) a new hero as well.

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