Posted by: nancyisanders | February 27, 2012

Let’s Celebrate Black History Month!

This February I have the joy and privilege of participating in Career Day at a local school in my area. Jeff, my husband and co-author of several books, is coming with me and together we’re planning on spending the day visiting with over 400 students from seventh and eighth grade.

We’re going to have lots of fun! For starters, Jeff and I have been busy creating a type of “lift-the-flap” board that students can explore when they visit our table to discover the 6 steps they can do to become an author.

Plus, we’ve got a special mini-book for students to create while they visit our table that has the same 6 steps included on its pages. This way they can take home the book and remember the steps they can take if they want to have a rewarding career as an author, too.

We’ll also be there to answer questions and showcase our books, especially the books about African American history.

February is a great month to celebrate African American history. If you’re looking for books on this topic for your own personal reading, for teaching in your classroom, or for sharing with a friend, check out these books on my site, Bookzone.

You’ll find links to the books’ websites plus links for free downloadable teacher’s guides so that you can continue the celebration all year long.

Happy celebrating!


  1. Love your Bookzone, Nancy! It’s lovely and user-friendly. Congrats on putting that together in an attractive and welcoming site!

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