Posted by: nancyisanders | March 7, 2012

Making Your Dreams Come True

Need inspiration today as a writer?

Take a mini writing retreat…right now…right here…today.
Whether you have 15 minutes or 15 hours, get away for yourself and reconnect with yourself as a writer and get refreshed again so you can start taking practical steps toward making your writing dreams come true.

First get where you gotta be.
In a cozy chair with your kitties on your lap?
With your bwff: best writing friend forever?
On a bench in the garden?

Surround yourself with sustenance.
Light candles.
Listen to favorite music.
Indulge in a delicious treat.
Open up that special journal you’ve been waiting to write in.

Then make a list of your writing dreams that already came true.
Did you finish the first draft of that story?
Did you get to attend that conference?
Did you find a group of writing friends?
Did you…?

Enjoy the joy of remembering for awhile.

Now, put on your dreamer’s cap and dream awhile. If there weren’t mega publishing houses…if there weren’t politics in writing…if there wasn’t overwhelming social media to drain your time…if there wasn’t stiff competition out there…if there weren’t the daily demands of life to get in your way…

What would you want to write?
What would you dare to write?
What would you sacrifice other things to write?

What are your dreams about writing?

Go ahead! Write them down. Even if you’ve written them down a zillion times before. And even if you’ve never written them before. Especially if you’ve never written them down before.

The first step to making your dreams come true is to identify them in the first place!

And now, in the days and weeks ahead, take one step forward. Then another. Start making your dreams come true.

You can do it!!! Yes, you can!


  1. Thanks Nancy!! I’m learning to overcome those ‘what if’s’ and write what I love with encouragement from you and others. Thanks for the honesty about the obstacles writers have to deal with. Though they are real they don’t have to consume us. A writer’s retreat, even 15 minutes like you said, is a good time to remind ourselves we have accomplished worthy things and stop being so hard on ourselves. When I’m tempted to cut myself down my inner ‘mom’ voice say’s “Stop being mean to yourself!” Haha! And it helps!

    • I’m glad you’re listening to your inner ‘mom’ voice!!! It sounds like the Holy Spirit, too. :o)

  2. Love this encouragement – I have always wanted to write (“really write”), but it’s many years since I had time to spend truly doing just that. Now, my fourth child has turned one and I homeschool as well….so I’ve determined that the “me” time I want and need is to find writing time for myself. I’m even looking at a class for creative writing. I wrote poetry many, many years ago and started/stopped many other things, but I still hear some novels rattling around and some non fiction things that I think matter.

    I have told myself that I will write because it is in me, and if I never publish anything, I’m still a writer. 🙂

    • Hip hip hooray for you, Crystal!!!! I know you can do it. You’ve got the right attitude. And I’m encouraged by hearing your testimony, too.

    • Crystal,

      Something Nancy taught me is that through the wonders of the internet you can actually get published…right now….for free! Go to and look into starting your own blog. It’s super easy and fun and like I said, free! All those things ‘bumping’ around in your head might take shape there if you can put them down and see a bit of a finished product. There are templates and a tutorial that walks you thru the process. You can write about almost anything too. It’s a wonderful form of instant gratification that could inspire you to expand your horizons. Also, check out writer’s groups in your area. They can be wonderful environments to grow yourself as a writer and get your manuscripts critiqued. Blessings to you as you seek this new chapter!

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